Creating a Visual Brand Campaign for Interim CEO, Margaret Melanson
We were contacted with regards to designing a branding campaign for the Interim CEO of Horizon Health, Margaret Melanson. The organization was going through its critical restructuring phase due to a growing healthcare crisis on a number of levels, both internal and external. When Melanson assumed the role, she identified a number of critical initiatives and wanted a cohesive way to broadcast her message, both to a wary public and exhausted staff. This action plan involved designing an overall look and feel for the campaign, an icon set specific to key pain points and a set of headshots of Margaret at the Saint John Regional Hospital.
  • Client: Horizon Health NB
  • Type: Visual Identity Development
  • Year: 2003
"Very well done theme. Versatile, extremely well coded, and gorgeous. That's a great combo. Highly recommended."
Karen Scott, Regional Director of Marketing Communications

Original Concept ‘Stylescapes’

The Result

The original concept stylescapes were well received and we were able to combine certain elements to develop a cohesive visual campaign. Below are a few sample deliverables that were provided.